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Thank God for radio. If it weren’t for the radio, I probably wouldn’t have a legit job. If you really call what I do a “job”. Ha! I have too much fun! I get to play my favorite music every day and hang out on social media! I love discovering new songs and bands and getting to play them on the radio. Lately, I’ve been listening to Elvis Depressedly, Fiona Apple (who I have loved since I was a kid), Hayley Williams, KennyHoopla and Ratboys (a very cool Chicago band). I’m also a fan old school Alt music; bands like Charlatans UK, Violent Femmes, The Replacements. My favorite season is summer, and if I’m not working, you’ll probably find me at the pool or the beach. I call in sick a lot during the summer. Thanks for reading this. I would much rather talk than write. – Brooke brooke@thenewqyq.com