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X Ambassadors have shared a new song called “Follow the Sound of My Voice,” a track off the band’s upcoming album, Townie.

“Follow the Sound of My Voice” was written by frontman Sam Harris about his brother and XA keyboardist Casey Harris.

“It scared me so much,” Sam says of writing a song about Casey. “Not only because distilling our entire relationship into a single song seemed so daunting, but also because [I] knew that I’d have to talk very candidly about a pretty big elephant in the room.”

Said elephant is the fact that Casey has been blind since birth, which Sam says he’s “uncomfortable talking about … because I don’t want it to seem like that’s the only defining thing about him or about our relationship.”

“But it would be dishonest to act like it isn’t,” Sam says.

When he started to write “Follow the Sound of My Voice,” though, Sam found the process to be “very easy.”

“Because despite how complicated it is in my own mind, objectively it’s very simple: we love each other a lot,” Sam says. “Casey— being your brother has been the greatest gift I could’ve ever asked for. And for all the times I’ve used you to skip to the front of the line at the airport, I’ll love you forever.”

“Follow the Sound of My Voice” is out now via digital outlets. You can watch a performance video for the song streaming on YouTube.

Townie drops April 5.

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